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For even more physicist profiles, visit the American Physical Society's list of Physicist Profiles

A set of profiles containing both our alumni and APS profiles are shown to students taking introductory physics. 

Featured Profile

Garrick Villaume (UMN Physics PHD)

Cofounder of NETZRO SBC 

Garrick Villaume (Physics PHD)            Garrick took his first physics class in high school. He found the physics approach to problem solving appealing compared to other disciplines. Garrick did his physics BSc at the U and then stayed for graduate school concentrating on particle physics.           

“That was an intense period for me, as I also married and became a father while completing my BSc. I received great support from the faculty and department, and I applied for and they accepted me into the graduate program.”        

While in graduate school, Garrick took an engineering position in the magnetic recording industry to better support his family. After receiving his PHD, Garrick quickly transitioned into executive management, and has gained 20 years of executive experience.

He currently works to develop ecopositive businesses. He is the technical cofounder of NETZRO SBC, a food waste upcycling company.

“Physics taught me how to model systems generally, to measure their properties accurately and precisely, and to analyze their fundamental dynamics systematically.  It taught me how to reason objectively to form meaningful hypotheses and apply empirical observations to test them.  This has made me a better decision maker, more capable manager, and more effective leader.”