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Physics graduates have a wide variety of jobs, in industry, government, public service, and academia! Read about just some of them by clicking on the links below. These profiles are also available as a set of powerpoint slides. A second set of slides, with even more profiles, is available here. For even more physicist profiles, visit the American Physical Society's list of Physicist Profiles.

Featured Profile

Desiré Whitmore (Chemical and Material Physics PhD)

Senior Physics Educator at Exploratorium

Desire Whitmore

Desiré always enjoyed learning about science, engineering, and math, in particular taking things apart and putting them back together. She majored in chemical engineering in college, but found that the courses were not as stimulating as her introductory physics classes had been.

In grad school, Desiré realized that she also loved teaching while working at a local kids' museum. After completing her postdoc at UC Berkeley, she decided to look for a job in teaching.

"I really like taking complex ideas and turning them into something that a [layperson] can understand, including a child," she says.

At the Exploratoium in San Francisco, Desiré works on public programming, training employees and professional development experiences for middle and high school teachers.

"I get to go down to the museum floor and play with the figure out [the best concepts] that I can teach," Desiré says. "You can teach a whole week's worth of lessons on one exhibit."

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